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Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

A 50-minute recorded workshop where we…

  • Work to make sure you’re in your right livelihood.  
  • Discuss what you need to do to eliminate stress around your finances.
  • Work on improving your family relationships and love life.
  • Create a plan for achieving your optimum health.

We even discuss a formula for setting goals and deciding what to work on first. Don’t keep living in overwhelm—especially when there’s a proven system for finding balance in our unbalanced world.

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Membership: Personalized Lifestyle Framework

Get access to a lifestyle framework and supportive community that combines
an eLearning platform with a support system that encourages community and accountability.

Designed for people who want real results in their pursuit of balance, growth, and purpose during these unbalanced times.

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This private, one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you take positive steps toward improving your life, career, relationships, finances, and more. Not only will you move forward with a whole new level of focus, but you’ll also be learning an entirely new way to approach life and create the unique lifestyle you want.

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To help you get “unstuck” and move forward on your personal goals and lifestyle objectives, you’ll work privately with Erin for 3 intensive weeks to turn your dreams into achievable goals—then get support as you pursue your initial goals with enthusiasm.

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Green Gap

Experience a unique coaching program to help you create a path to financial wellbeing: less stress, more balance, greater purpose, and eventually, a comfortable lifestyle full of possibilities. Without the overwhelm and worry of finances, debt, and cash flow, your future could be something extraordinary and positive for the world.

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Accountability Coaching

Once you've completed a coaching course with Erin, you're eligible for accountability coaching! The 12-session Accountability Coaching Package is the next step in keeping you on track as you pursue a balanced life.

Accountability Coaching includes 12 one-on-one private coaching sessions with Erin.

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