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About Erin

Hi, I’m Erin! I can’t wait to help you achieve a life of balance & global impact.

How it all started

After my 3rd child, I struggled to find a balance between going back to work 6 weeks postpartum, taking care of my 3 children, and doing the stereotypical "mom duties" while my husband traveled for work.


I ended up having panic attacks and was diagnosed with Severe Postpartum Anxiety and Moderate Postpartum Depression. Through coaching, I was able to find a life balance that included a new sense of purpose and identity as an entrepreneur.

My Methods

Tap into your intuition & live a more balanced life.

The traditional social expectations of women are dead. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that. 

Through the combination of my PhD in Organization Development & Leadership, my Life Coach Certification with Oola, & my proprietary software that combines 10 personality assessments, we work together to find the right integration of family, impact, & income to find balance in your life in a way that suits YOU.


Learn where we are now, establish where we want to go, & create a path to balance 7 keys areas of life.

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Life can be energizing, fulfilling, and yes, even fun. But first, we need to become more self-aware & grounded in order to realize our full potential.

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Go through the Design My Life Blueprint aimed at helping guide us to find our true purpose.

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