Born out of a desire to help high-achieving women re-find their sense of self, I built

Evolve Coaching & Consulting  

to help other high-achieving women find their balance in an unbalanced world through


How it All Started

After my 3rd child, I struggled to find balance between going back to work 6 weeks postpartum, taking care of my 3 children, and doing the stereotypical "mom duties" while my husband travelled for work.

I ended up having panic attacks, and was diagnosed with Severe Postpartum Anxiety and Moderate Postpartum Depression. Through coaching, I was able to find life balance that included a new sense of purpose and identity as an entrepreneur.

My mission is to help high-achieving women become successful coaches or network marketers through my evolutionary client-centered EVOLVE Your Business Programs.

Knowing that I needed to re-balance my life, I started reflecting on what I wanted to do outside of my identity of Professor, Air Force Veteran, and Mother. Having been an unofficial Coach to so many of my Airmen and students, who are all working professionals, I knew that it was that aspect of serving and teaching that fulfilled my heart the most.

Because I'm a nerd, I did extensive research, and ultimately found a coach who gave me the reality check that I needed. "Erin, you're full of shit. You're not a Life Coach. You're a Business Coach. You are meant to help others like you become entrepreneurs."

She was right. I am meant to teach and inspire, and that is why I'm on this Earth. To help YOU break free and evolve into an entrepreneur.

What makes me different than other business coaches?

First, I have a PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership. My business experience as a consultant and my teaching experience as a Professor help me to dig deep, while still being able to speak to a broad audience of coaches and entrepreneurs.

Second, I've been you. Stuck in the trenches of bureaucracy. Unbalanced. Trapped. Feeling as though I was conforming and becoming a person who wasn't true to myself. Now, I'm a better partner to my husband, a better mother to my 3 kids, and a better me. Who can give fully to others while still giving fully to myself. 

You can be here, too. Evolve. Allow me to be a part of your journey.